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Body transformation

A combination of resistance exercises, cardiovascular training and nutrition coaching will help you to achieve your weight loss and fat reduction goals. It’s not as hard as you think and will leave you feeling great!


Strength Training

Literally everyone can benefit from strength training, and it doesn’t mean you’re going to end up looking like a muscle-bound freak. Improved metabolism, better bone density, fat loss, better mood and ease of doing everyday tasks are just some of the benefits of resistance training with weights, bodyweight or suspension training (straps with handles).


Cardiovascular fitness

Your heart is arguably the most important muscle in your body and never ever stops for your whole life, so making is stronger and more efficient is something we can all benefit from.

There are lots of ways to train your cardiovascular system with the obvious ones being running, cycling and swimming. For personal training sessions Boxercise is a great way to get your heart rate up, burn calories, release stress and have fun using practical functional movements that can be done anywhere. I can help you to integrate CV work into your tailored programme to maximise the benefits.


Postural retraining

There are two common postural issues that affect many people today: lower back pain and rounded shoulders. Both can affect how you look, feel and move, but can be corrected with simple exercises.


Running conditioning

Obviously the best way to improve your running is to run more, but there is a lot of extra strength training you can do to prevent injuries and make you run stronger, faster and more efficiently.

A single injury can take months to fix, so if you’re training for a race it can have a big impact. I can also help you to achieve running your first race like a 5km, or help you to achieve a dream of running a half or full marathon.



Whatever your fitness and lifestyle goals, changes to what you eat and drink are key, in particular for weight management. Simple changes to your eating habits can make a big difference not only to your weight but to how you feel. Similarly if you’re looking to pack on lean muscle you need to adjust your diet accordingly.


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About me

How does it work?

I offer one on one or small group personal training. I'm mobile so can train your in your own home, office or nearby park.

I am English, but am happy to speak French or Spanish if you prefer.

About me

My approach

I am passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals whether it be shifting a few kilos, toning up, slimming down, increasing strength or running your first 5km or marathon.

Exercise and nutrition can have a hugely positive impact on your life, happiness and well-being. I can help you to become fitter and  stay fitter and healthier not just in the short term but create habits which will stay with you in the long term.

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About me

My experience

I have been involved in sports and fitness all my life – from football, rugby and cricket, to years of martial arts, surfing, windsurfing and snowboarding. More recently I’ve become an avid runner and have taken part in three Ironman triathlons and eight marathons.

Having worked in an office for 15 years, I’m well aware of how difficult it can be to eat and exercise healthily. But I’m also aware of what a positive impact a few simple and easy lifestyle changes can make

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EIF (European Institute of Fitness) Master Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Exercise Specialist

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Fitness & Nutrition Coach

REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor’ (Register of Exercise Professionals)


“Anthony is a fantastic trainer suited a lot of activities to my needs and kept pushing me particularly with the weights”

Darren Morris


“Great all round body workout. Pushed me really hard but made it fun.”

Mandy Brown


“Anthony is a very competent and encouraging trainer, he has a pleasant demeanour and explains things plainly. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Trevor Howe


“Anthony was very professional in his approach giving great encouragement helping to push myself further. I really enjoyed the workout”

David Jones


1 on 1 training Pay as you go

TypeCost €
10hrs                           450



1 to 1 pay as you go in studio training

1hr session60


Group training: 2 - 4 people

TypeCost €
1hr                        60                             



Group training: in studio

TypeCost €
1hr                      80                           


Monthly complete plan including workout plans and nutrition

TypeCost €
1 x 1hr session / week 170
2 x 1 hr sessions / week 295
3 x 1 hr sessions / week 395
4 x 1 hr sessions / week 495

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For further information, please either call or text me on +34 681 615 654

Or email me anthony@abfitness.training.